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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Chicago —Dedicated to a Healthy Community

While it is simple enough to know that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Chicago is focused on healthcare, it is also important to note that the company is also interested in the well being of the communities it serves. They show this in many different ways that begin with an informative website and expands from there.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Chicago has specific initiatives outlined on their site, and these programs are designed to create healthy families, communities, and even partnerships. Of course, it all begins with the sort of coverage that they offer, and it is important to identify them as one of the healthcare leaders throughout the entire state of Illinois.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Chicago Plans

The firm currently has individual and family health insurance coverage that are priced for those who work part-time jobs, those who are unemployed, and even for the most insurance-challenged group of them all – the self-employed. With a simple visit to the main website, you'll be able to use their intuitive insurance plan finder, enter the amount you can afford to pay each month and then see all of the different options available for coverage.

This sort of flexibility is the best solution to the challenging financial times that many folks are living through right now because it will allow them to select the right deductibles for their budgets, the right program in terms of HMO, PPO, etc. and more.

There are also Medicare supplement plans available that include the Part D programs for prescriptions and expenses that the standard Medicare coverage will not. These too are easily searched through the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Chicago main site.

Finally, the plans also incorporate the Employer-Offered plans. This is a page on the primary site that explains the different types of coverage that those being offered healthcare insurance through an employer might find. For example, they have PPOs, HMOs, and select plans among others.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Commitment:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Chicago takes the time to carefully explain each type of plan or coverage in order to point customers and potential customers towards the most ideally suited options and then provides valuable consumer information through an array of alternative pages and “tabs”.

One area that should be of particular interest to all who choose coverage from the Blue Cross Blue Shield companies is their “Community Involvement” page. This demonstrates that the company is much more than a financial one and is actually living up to its “philosophy” of building healthier communities by promoting health and wellness programs.

The firm actively seeks out local partnerships with organizations and groups that will help to ensure that their health initiatives are a success. One of the best is Healthy Kids, Healthy Families, which is a three year program in the state of Illinois, and which will reach more than one million kids in the state (and beyond). It is aimed at teaching good nutrition, physical fitness, disease prevention, and so much more.

Remember, a good insurance plan begins with a lifestyle that promotes wellness and an insurance company that stands behind its promises.

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